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Lollapalooza Heads To Israel in 2013

From August 20-22 of next year, Lollapalooza is taking on a whole new market. 

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

With another wildly successful year of Lollapalooza conquering not only Chicago but Chile and Brazil as well, Jane’s Addiction frontman and festival founder Perry Farrell has announced that the event will be expanding to Tel Aviv, Israel in 2013. It's a leap of effort and volatile moving parts, but it's happening.

“When I was (in Tel Aviv) last year, I saw an international music community that knew all about the music that we all listen to, and the artists weren’t traveling there,” Farrell said in a recent video interview. “It was an opportunity for us.”

Lollapalooza Tel Aviv is scheduled to take place August 20-22 in Yarkon Park, not far from the city’s heavily-trafficked downtown area. To Farrell, it's the perfect position for full cultural immersion.

“Like Chicago, it’s gotta be close in proximity to hotels, bars, restaurants and nightclubs. In Tel Aviv, you’ve got all the hotels right on the beach, and man let me tell you – it’s sexy,” Farrell enthused.  “There’s no curfew. Talk about an after-party! And they love to dance. They have their parties right on the beach, so you can be in the water rocking out.”

We'll keep you posted on more info – in the meantime, check out a video clip where Perry explains the idea, and also have a ncie little stroll through our extensive 2012 Lollapalooza coverage!