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10 Metal Albums To Listen For In August

The heat is extreme, and you'll need some extreme sounds to match. These 10 metal albums should do the trick.

Iann Robinsonby Iann Robinson

It’s August alreadyt? Man, where has the summer gone? In the event you're lamenting this last month of hot weather and girls in tiny clothing, take some comfort in what the metal world has to offer. No too much happening in new releases, but August is brimming with cool re-releases and re-packaged material. There are some new release bright spots but August seems to be the month to make sure your metal record collection is complete!


Doro Pesch

Under My Skin: A Fine Collection Of Doro Classics

AFM Records

Release Date: August 14th


Metal queen Doro Pesch will release this two-disc retrospective that includes over 30 tracks spanning her lengthy career in metal. Most of the time a two-disc walk down memory lane is weighed down by a lot of filler. Not so with Under My Skin. Pesch has filled this with her best work and it all kicks ass. “You’re My Family”, “The Night Of The Warlock”, “ I Live In Ruins”, plus B-Sides and hand written liner notes make this a must for anybody who claims to love metal. If you’re a big time Doro worshipper then bounce over to Nuclear Blast Europe and buy the giant box set, which includes the albums plus a bracelet, patch, flag and all in a nifty black box.



The Clearing/The Final Epoch

Relapse Records

Release Date: August 14th

Chicago ambient, dark, industrial and all around noise gurus Locrian will be dropping a nice little gift on all of us that dig what they do. The band is releasing a 2 CD set that includes The Clearing, which was originally only available on vinyl, and The Final Epoch, a disc filled with previously unreleased material. If you dig tension, dark crescendos and ambient soundscapes filled with atmosphere, then The Clearing/The Final Epoch is for you.


Nuclear Death Terror

Chaos Reigns

Southern Lord Records

Release Date: August 14th

Hailing from Denmark, Nuclear Death Terror have been using their unique brand of crust-core and death metal to speak out on the human condition since 2003. Using a combination of bleak themes, Discharge punk, Tragedy post-hardcore and even a bit of straight thrash, Nuclear Death Terror have been a band with a really challenging brew of music. Their latest release, Chaos Reigns, is a collection of work from several of the band’s vinyl-only releases.



Shadow Of Greed/Crusades

Southern Lord Records

Release Date: August 14th

Hartford Connecticut is not exactly known for its blistering d-beat punk rock but Oiltanker aims to change that. Using their crust-punk speed and aggression, the band bangs out sixteen socio/political jams in just under thirty minutes. This CD release combines their Shadow Of Greed LP and Crusades 7” originally available only on vinyl. If you like hearing how the damaged world needs to re-think its priorities via violent bursts of punk energy, then pick this up when it hits your local record joint.


Poison Idea

The Fatal Erection Years

Southern Lord Records

Release Date: August 14th

Poison Idea are one of my favorite bands of all time so when this little re-release gem was announced I got very excited. Way back in 1983, Poison Idea released the Pick Your King EP, with artwork showing both Jesus and Elvis. After that the band unleashed the Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes 12” featuring guitarist Pig Champion’s impressive vinyl collection. In 1985 Poison Idea dropped Drinking Is Great, a 7” featuring the classic tune “Laughing Boy”. All of this was released on the band’s own Fatal Erection label. Southern Lord has gathered these amazing records, combined them with a live set from 1983 and put it out for your pleasure. I highly suggest you purchase it.



Born Undead DVD


Release Date: August 28th

If you don’t love Bay Area death metal icons Autopsy, well, I just don’t know what to say to you. For those of us who have been long standing fans, Autopsy are dropping a most exciting slice of DVD excellence. Born Undead takes an extensive look at the birth, death and rebirth of one Bay Areas most compelling metal acts. Through extensive live footage and interviews, Autopsy demonstrate not only their impact over 20 years in the metal world but also how the band reunited in 2010. Complete with new artwork from Kent Mattieu who helped the band with their early album covers and tons of live footage including the band being joined on stage by Dan Lilker on bass, Born Undead is the ultimate Autopsy DVD.


Eagle Twin

The Feather Tipped The Serpents Tail

Southern Lord Records

Release Date: August 28th

Eagle Twin are one of the more interesting bands in extreme music right now. Having wowed the world with their debut The Unkindness Of Crows, the sludge/doom/experimental duo return with the sequel. The Feather Tipped The Serpents Tail picks up where the other album left off. The crows from the first album have battled the sun and been burned back to the Earth as snakes. Filled with mythic imagery and huge crushing riffs, The Feather Tipped The Serpents Tail is a must have for the doom lover in your family.



Endless Procession Of Souls

Century Media Records

Release Date: August 28th

Grave. It simply doesn’t get any better then these guys. The Swedish death metal outfit will drop Endless Procession Of Souls on an unsuspecting world and unleash their particular brand of no nonsense, fuck you and die death metal. Grave do what Grave do and few can match their ferocity or crushing heaviness. I’m so fucking amped for this record.




Century Media Records

Release Date: August 28th

A lot has happened to tech-metalers Monuments since the 2009 release of their debut EP We Are The Foundation. They split with UK label Basick Records (forcing the release of Gnosis back a year) and the band went on a massive search for a new frontman, finally settling on Matt Rose. With a new singer and a new label behind them, Monuments are ready to drop a blistering album of high-end technical metal for the summer.


Destroyer 666

Phoenix Rising

Season Of Mist Records

Release Date: August 28th

Australian death/thrash kings Destroyer 666 gave everybody a gift last year by re-releasing Cold Steel For An Iron Age. Now the band is giving their 2000 classic Phoenix Rising the same treatment. The album has been re-mastered, given new artwork and new liner notes. This album saw Destroyer 666 enter a new and bolder phase of their songwriting. It’s an absolute must have.