Exclusive Premiere: Black Light Burns ‘How To Look Naked’

Listen to the debut single from The Moment You Realize You’re Going To Fall, only on CraveOnline!

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Abrasive, seductive and fun as hell, Black Light Burns' upcoming new album The Moment You Realize You’re Going To Fall is a 15 track assault of artistic excellence, a thrashing live wire of rock and blistering energy that's a new high-water mark of creativity for its creators. To make matters even more exciting, CraveOnline is very proud to present the album's first single, "How To Look Naked". 

Due in stores stores 8/14 via Rocket Science/THC: MUSIC, the full proper follow-up to 2007's Cruel Melody finds Wes Borland – who most are familiar with as the guitarist/bodypainted alien freakrocker of Limp Bizkit – once again leading the charge into a churning cauldron of sound and nut-busting power that mixes everything from rock to punk to industrial and back again.

To hell with the labels – all you need to know is that when Borland steps up to the mic, an entirely new creative dynamic comes into play, and this aint just a side project for Bizkit fans to wrap their heads around. In fact, The Moment You Realize You’re Going To Fall is far more attuned to the universe inhabited by Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson and the like than anything involving red fitted caps.

Strap in and check out the galloping beast of a debut single and first song off the new album, called "How To Look Naked":

Those familiar with Black Light Burns will find a definite stylistic diversion and honing of focus on The Moment You Realize You’re Going To Fall, which separates it from the band's previous work. After Cruel Melody, the band released a follow-up LP/DVD of covers and B-side material, 2008’s Cover Your Heart and the Anvil Pants Odyssey. Those sessions have little relation to this new material.

“Although The Moment…. differs from Cruel Melody in many ways, I think the changes sound like a natural progression”, says Borland. “I knew I wanted to loosen up the recording process and create in an environment where it was ok to keep mistakes and possibly even try to add in purposefully flawed elements. We recorded a lot of the drums to tape before pulling them in to the digital world and tried not to edit any of the takes. This is as far as I could get from a 'perfect' sounding record, which these days seem to be the standard.”

He adds, “Another progression on this record has been a higher level of recorded song intensity. What I mean by that, is the songs sound more like they were recorded in a live show environment, and are more intensely performed. I've always wanted to avoid the changes that songs go through when they're taken from studio to stage. “

Check out the full album promo/trailer below:

Stay tuned for our interview with Borland on the making of the album (among many other topics). In the meantime, preorder the album here – and yes, vinyl is the preferred route for this one. Some albums demand the physical immersion. 

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