Rock It Out! Ep 63 – Weekly Rock News Roundup!

  Sami has an identity crisis, and runs down the biggest music stories of the week in the process!  

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Welcome back to the Rock It Out! Our weekly rock-music news video series on CraveOnline is back once again with all the music stories you need to know for the week!

Rock It Out is brought to you by host Sami Jarroush, who is apparently having a bit of identity crisis with the upcoming Batman movie. When he's not seductively touching the tips of his bat ears, however, Sami's hard at work behind the wheel of the daily news/video blog RockItOut!Blog

In this week's update, Sami drops the biggest music news stories for the week, with news on Coachella's new plans, all kinds of new music, the insanity of Gathering of The Juggalos and more!

Flip the switch and get your rock on:


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