Ten Metal Albums To Listen For in July

The hardest-hitting music releases coming at you this month!

Iann Robinsonby Iann Robinson

Stand proud America because we have hit July. This is the month where the temperature rises and we celebrate our liberty and freedom by overeating and blowing shit up! Nothing fits such a lively display of beef and fireworks like heavy metal. July is a big month for the metal crowd, lots of music pouring out from all parts of the metal spectrum. Thrash, black metal, rock, stoner, it’s all here in a sumptuous feast of delights. I’ve waded through a bunch of albums and found my Ten Metal Records To Listen For In July.



At The Gates Of Sethu

Nuclear Blast

Release Date: July 3rd

Nile are a death metal band. They play fast and then slow and then fast again. Wrapped within all this speed are Cookie Monster vocals and a lot of guitar soloing. The riffs are hard to differentiate from each other and the songs tend to bleed together. Nile make no apology for who they are or what they do. At The Gates Of Sethu is exactly what Nile fans expect. Guitar geeks will marvel at the sweeping arpeggios and tapping, drummers will thrill to the double bass and, sadly, any bassists out there will fail to hear their instrument being played. If you love death metal, then head out to the store to buy some Nile.



Draw Back A Stump

Relapse Records

Release Date July 3rd

Brutal Truth’s throaty vocalist Kevin Sharp gathered up his metal buddies and decided to form a super group. From there Primate released an album that is part 80s hardcore, thrash metal, and sludge. Radically fast songs that are all muscle, Primate crash through Draw Back A Stump with all the ferocity of a pissed off monkey fed steroids and hatred. If you dig old COC, Nuclear Assault, Poison Idea and Black Flag, then Primate is going to stomp the shit out of you.


Bonded By Blood

The Aftermath

Earache Records

Release Date: July 3rd

If you like thrash, as in old school trash that brings back the days of drinking, smoking, fucking and head banging then dig on Bonded By Blood. The band returns with a new vocalist and bass player and a new thrashing album titled The Aftermath. This record is a riff fest complete with heavy hooks and lots of breakdowns. The new members haven’t robbed Bonded By Blood of their power or their ability to leave pretention behind and push the thrash forward at all costs. If you like Exodus (duh) or Testament or Death Angel or Metallica before they lost their minds then The Aftermath is a must for your record collection.



Reaper’s Consecration

Pulverized Records

Release Date: July 10th

Outside of hot women and spices, Mexico now exports old school death metal. Are you a big fan of Entombed’s “Left Hand Path” or anything of that ilk? If so then strap in for the Mexican death metal ride of your life with Zombiefication (not to be confused with the defunct band Zombification). Blistering speed, sweeping riffs, and vocals that are straight out of the 90s era of Death Metal. In recent years the entire genre of extreme music has become bogged down with overly complicated themes and an overdose of Black Metal playing. Zombiefiction bring it all back to the core. Reaper’s Consecration reminds us just how awesome Death Metal can be.


Serj Tankian


Reprise Records

Release Date: July 10th

It’s almost unfair to stick this album into the metal genre. Sure it’s heavy but trust me, the new solo offering from System Of A Down frontman is going to be too weird for the average metal fan. I love when Serj drops a new joint simply because it tends to be thoughtful, intelligent and just slightly off-center. Harakari is no different. Combining metal, world music, political lyrics told with the twisted tongue of Dr. Seuss on crack, Serj speaks of social and political ills in the way only he can. There are not many who follow their own path in the world of heavy music, Serj absolutely does. If you’re looking for a record that’s groovy, heavy but boasting weird time signatures and a eclectic musical additions, then Harakari should be your next purchase.



Yellow & Green

Relapse Records

Release Date: July 17th

Here’s another band that plays just outside the extreme music sandbox. Baroness have really put themselves out there with Yellow & Green. Eighteen songs on one album and all of them riddled with complexities. I won’t go too far into what I think since I’m due to review this album in the next few days but I will say this, Baroness refuse to stay shackled to any pre-conceived notion of who they are or what their band is about. If you enjoyed their older work and don’t mind a bit of heavy lifting then Yellow & Green is for you. If you enjoy your doom/stoner/groove rock spoon fed to you, well, get ready to scratch your heads and stare at Yellow & Green like a dog that has been shown a card trick.



Antennas To Hell

Roadrunner Records

Release Date: July 24th

Yeah, I know, it seems cheap to put a best of collection on this list but I have a reason. Since their arrival on the scene, Slipknot have risen to one of the biggest bands in the world but still been forced to eat shit sandwiches from the bitch and intolerant metal community. My friend Dave Monogahan once said, “If Slipknot had come out on Relapse, everybody would have loved them”. A truer statement has never been spoken. People have become so caught up in the masks and trimmings that they don’t even give the music a chance. I’m hoping those who hate will listen to this collection a realize that Slipknot are a band that have talent and more integrity than most.




Grave Dancer Records

Release Date: July 31st

Before anybody balks, I know this record has been out in Europe for a while. July 31st is the American CD release date and since I think this album deserves everyone’s attention, I’m listing it here.  If you think your doom band is heavy, if you think you really have any clue how thick and ridiculous riffs can be I urge you to run your jams up the Conan tree and see how they hold up. Monnos is ridiculously heavy but also incredibly well written. Doom metal has a tendency to wallow in repetition. onan sidestep that by creating layered musical sections within the structures of doom. I also like how this is one slab of music that demands to be listened to all at once. Epic stuff from a band that needs a lot more recognition.



No Absolutes In Human Suffering

Black Market Activities

Release Date: July 31st

Gaza have been kicking around for years. Live the band is an absolute monster but they’ve had trouble capturing that power on their records. That ends with No Absolutes In Human Suffering. Crushingly heavy, fast and a complex as any band out there trying to push grindcore to the next level, No Absolutes captures Gaza’s life vibe perfectly. What allows Gaza to step out of the shadow of former grindcore giants is how much the cram into every song. Without over complicating anything, Gaza cram riffs, time switches and even delicate moments into their torrid storm of audio destruction. As I said in my review, No Absolutes In Human Suffering is a triumph not just for the band but the genre as a whole.



Silencing Machine

Century Media Records

Release Date: July 31st

Natchmystium can always be counted on to bring something new to the table. I don’t know much about this record because the folks at Century Media have been tightlipped about the whole thing. I know that the band is supposedly moving towards a more formal black metal sound while still keeping their industrial themes. Thus far Natchmystium hasn’t turned out anything I haven’t either enjoyed or at least respected. I’m going to lay bets that fans will be happy with Silencing Machine and that Natchmystium will probably win over news ones.