Mary J Blige In Hot Water For Pulled Burger King Commercial

Is the Queen of R&B's latest endorsement taking things a step too far?

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Soul queen Mary J. Blige is in quite a bit of hot water today, after fans have set upon her new Burger King commercial as if she were throwing a pot of boiling water on the black community.

The esteemed chanteuse sings in a new Burger King commercial that premiered on Monday, but after a tidal wave of controversy on Twitter, the ad has disappeared from YouTube. According to rumors, Blige earned an about $2 million for the ad, which was part of a campaign in which other celebrities – including soccer star David Beckham, Jay Leno and, in Spanish-language ads, actresses Salma Hayek and Sofia Vergara – promote various menu selections at BK. All the other celeb endorsement videos are still live across the internet, but Blige's are disappearing faster than you can say "Google".

It's worth noting that, of all the celebrity endorsers, Mary is the loudest, most abrasive and interrupting, and promotes the least-healthy item of the bunch. Furthermore, the Grease 2012 fashion look is a sterile "soul sista" artifice that doesn't mix at all complimentarily as she interrupts the store manager with a sound-check type mic squeal-from atop a table.  "Part of what's so disappointing about the Mary J ad for BK is she's always presented herself as something more than just another singer," notes author Toure on Twitter, while writer Dreamhampton takes it a step further: "MLK did not die for my hip hop soul queen to be standing on a table in BK in some ad singing abt chicken wraps…"

Burger King has yet to give an official reason as to why the ad was pulled. But the 'No More Drama' singer, Grammy-winning artist, and Queen of Hip-Hop and R&B has a bit of explaining to do as to why she's sold out her own image – at the expense of making a mockery of herself and encouraging damaging black stereotypes.