Conan O’Brien Unveils ‘Team Coco Mixtape’ Series – Listen Now!

Check out the first two high-energy workout mixes, hand-picked by Conan and Andy Richter!

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


Yes, this is really happening. 

First, the press release:

"Curious on how Conan O'Brien maintains his lean physique? It takes hours and hours in the gym — and to keep his energy up, Conan needs the right kind of music. We we cornered Coco and got him to reveal what's thumping in his headphones while he works out."

Ready for the best workout songs in the universe, as picked by a man who looks like he's never once been to the gym? Then you've come to the right place! Conan has partnered with Rdio, a digital music service created by the Skype founders, to release the "first-ever weekly Mixtape Series," with playlists constructed by Conan's guests and regulars.

You'll need to sign up for the service for access, but Rdio's pretty cool, so it couldn't hurt to give it a shot. Once you're up and running, check out the mix below:

The Who, Jay-Z, Vampire Weekend, The Police, The Brian Setzer Orchestra and Green Day populate the list, among others, confirming that pasty caucasian suburban music taste from the 90s is still very much alive and well. However, the inclusion of Electric Six and The Raconteurs concretes this mix as winning, regardless of the cringy throwbacks.

Conan sidekick Andy Richter has brought the pain with the second weekly installment, which features a little less stale cornbread and a lot more indie & soul:

The "Team Coco Mixtape" series is powered by Rdio — Follow Team Coco on Rdio!