Forget ‘Detox’: Dr. Dre To Produce New Film

Looks like we can assume that 'Detox' has been completely shelved at this point...

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Remember when it actually seemed a real possibility that Dr. Dre's eternally-delayed Detox album would ever be released? Yeah… that's not going to happen. 

Rap icon and production guru Dr. Dre has signed on to produce the upcoming horror-thriller film Thaw. Dre has reportedly enlisted screenwriter Vik Weet to pen the script, while his Crucial Films partner, Daniel Schnider, will serve as co-producer. Variety reports that Schider "originated the idea."

"Thaw" is about "an ancient evil that emerges from the rapidly melting ice in the Yukon," reports Variety.

Dre's been involved in the big-screen game in the past, appearing in movies like The Wash and Training Day. He acted as executive producer on The Wash as well.

In other Dre news, the good Dr. will appear with Snoop Dogg to headline the final day of this year's Coachella Music & Arts Festival.