Adele Receives Apology For Brits Controversy

ITV apologises to the '21' singer.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

In case you didn't already hear about it through one of the various newspaper and websites that reported it (including this one you're on right now), there was a little kerfuffle surrounding Adele this week.

The 'Rolling In The Deep' singer found herself stood in the centre of the proverbial shit-storm thanks to a "snub" by the Brit Award's officials, who ordered host James Corden to cut her off mid-acceptance speech in order to make way for a performance from Blur.

Fans took to Twitter in order to state their varying degrees of outrage, including fellow songstress Lily Allen who tweeted: "I'd rather hear adeles acceptance speech. I can't say I'm surprised. It was like the music industry's attitude to women played out as a metaphor (sic)."

Host James Corden spoke to The Sun about the awkward position he was put in, saying:  “The whole room was on its feet and they [the producers] said 'you've got to do it now.'

"And then essentially it was just such a surreal moment and everything you can hear in your ear is about five people having an argument and there's one overriding voice saying 'James, you have to'."

Corden revealed how he immediately apologised to Adele following the incident:  "I was furious and put in a horrible position. I went straight to Adele's dressing room and she was fine with me, but really upset… I explained to Adele that, if I had my way, we'd push the news for a minute and a half."

Adele responded to having her acceptance speech cut short by raising her middle finger, a gesture that she later said was directed at "the suits". However, now it seems that those "suits" have apologised, with this statement being released by the awards shows' organisers: "We send our deepest apologies to Adele that her big moment was cut short due to the live show overrunning." 

ITV also issued an apology to the singer, saying: "The Brits is a live event. Unfortunately the program was overrunning and we had to move on. We would like to apologize to Adele for the interruption."

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