Watch Red Hot Chili Peppers Spaz Out in ‘Look Around’ Video

Flea loses his mind, Chad gets pugilistic, Anthony is, well, Anthony - and Josh just kind of sits there.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have returned with a new round-shot video for their next single off I'm With You called "Look Around". The track is a standard upbeat Chilis jam, but the video itself is rather bewildering in its uneventfulness.

Sure, it's cool to watch Flea spazzing out with a girl, getting undressed and covered in shaving cream, but the Robert Hales-directed video features Anthony Kiedis noodle-dancing while drummer Chad Smith works the heavy bag. New guitarist Josh Klinghoffer just hangs out in a room next to a lamp. That's it. 

Check out the video below:

"I can say that the band were great to work with — real gentlemen — and it was a genuinely collaborative process," the director tells Spinner. "They were all extremely involved creatively. Each room loosely represented the band members' personalities, so almost all the props and artwork in the rooms came from their personal collections. All four rooms were filmed simultaneously in the round. Instead of having a drawn-out day of shooting, the band completed the video within four whole takes which, according to Hales, is "very impressive." "They had a very clear idea of how they wanted to perform and they nailed it. All in all it was a fantastic experience and I'm very proud of what we created."

The Red Hot Chili Peppers will hit the road in March to promote I'm With Youread our review.