Stream Slash’s New Album ‘Made In Stoke 24/7/2011’

Get your ears on the latest collection from the iconic six-stringer!

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Former Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash is providing a full stream of his new live album Made In Stoke 24/7/2011.

The album's official release was yesterday, November 15th. Songs from all the phases of the legendary six-stringer's career are included in the album, whose chief vocal support has been the formidable singing styles of Myles Kennedy – singer for Alter Bridge.

With such a storied and varied career, the performance at Stoke-on-Trent is a tremendous representation of the iconic guitarist's work. The musicianship is phenomenal, with an even blend of classics and Slash’s lesser known material to give the full feature taste of his signature brand of shredding.

Listen to the full album below, courtesy of Rolling Stone, and pick up the record at Slash's official website.


01. Been There Lately (SLASH’S SNAKEPIT)

02. Nightrain (GUNS N’ ROSES)

03. Ghost

04. Mean Bone (SLASH’S SNAKEPIT)

05. Back From Cali

06. Rocket Queen (GUNS N’ ROSES)

07. Civil War (GUNS N’ ROSES)

08. Nothing To Say

09. Starlight

10. Promise

11. Doctor Alibi

12. Speed Parade (SLASH’S SNAKEPIT)

13. Watch This

14. Beggars & Hangers-On (SLASH’S SNAKEPIT)

15. Patience (GUNS N’ ROSES)

16. Guitar Solo / Godfather Theme

17. Sweet Child O’ Mine (GUNS N’ ROSES)


19. By The Sword

20. Mr. Brownstone (GUNS N’ ROSES)

21. Paradise City (GUNS N’ ROSES)