Nickelback-lash: Fans Protest Thanksgiving Game Show

A petition is gaining steam to stop the band from playing halftime at the Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions game.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Nickelback has been announced as the band set to play the halftime show during the Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions game on Thanksgiving Day at Ford Field. That may be exciting news to some, but Detroiters want no part of it.

The Thanksgiving Day football game is an age-old ritual among Midwest families, and is often a central part of the holiday festivities. Traditionally, while the women gossip and prepare dishes and the children make a racket through the house, men young and old can be found huddled around the TV, fighting off the tryptophan z's as they watch their team vie for field positioning. 

This year, however, the backlash is powerful against the scheduled halftime entertainment from the annual Thanksgiving game. A petition has already started at to get the “awful band’’ replaced. Ten signatures on Tuesday night has become nearly 26,000 by Friday morning.

Meanwhile, Nickelback has a new album coming out the same week. Coincidence? Of course not. But let's not go calling it a masterful evil scheme to infect the economically ravaged area with terrible music while they're vulnerable; This is what promotion is all about.

As most movements do, the petition to get rid of Nickelback during the game began with one man: University of Michigan graduate student/Michigan native/Thanksgiving Day ticket holder Dennis Guttman, an avowed Nickelback hater.