Odd Future Attacks Female Photographer at Voodoo Festival

Update: Charges have been filed against Odd Future rapper for the attack.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


When an industry that supports and enables a group of spazzy troglodyte thugs known for celebrating rape, violence & misogyny is physically attacked by that group, how can anyone really be that surprised?

The final hours of the Voodoo Experience festival in New Orleans took an ugly turn thanks to members of the shock-rap group Odd Future, who leaped across the boundaries of verbal abuse towards women and allegedly slapped a female photographer across the face during their performance on Sunday afternoon.

According to NBC33TV, at the close of the band's first song lead vocalist Tyler the Creator began addressing the crowd about his disdain for photographers. Moments later, Odd Future member Vyron Turner, aka “Left Brain,” got physical with the handful of photographers in the pit area. He threw water at them, and then pushed and kicked cameras before slapping freelance professional photographer Amy Harris across her face, knocking her camera to the ground.

“I have worked many shows before, and I’ve had to deal with a band flinging water at the photographers, but I never expected this to happen,” Harris told NBC33 News shortly after the incident occurred. “In the pit, the male to female ratio is about 20 to 1. There were way more men in that pit than women.”

In other words, Harris was singled out for being a woman by a group of hateful thugs who currently occupy the national "cool" spotlight with gleefully vile music that defends itself by hiding behind the "art" of fantasizing about violence. But now that the line has been crossed – in front of tens of thousands of people, no less – what steps are to follow? If Miss Harris refuses to press charges, and Voodoo organizers do nothing in reaction, the implication is one of support and condoning. In other words, we haven't seen the last of these incidents.

Harris had a conversation with festival CEO Steven Rehage following the show, who reportedly "immediately addressed the situation". She also says her equipment was not damaged during the incident.

UPDATE: Charges have been filed against Turner. From Venuestoday:
Photographer Amy Harris has pressed charges against rapper Left Brain for the Odd Future member’s alleged Oct. 30 attack during the Voodoo Experience in New Orleans.

A representative from the New Orleans Police Department’s third precinct confirmed that charges had been filed and said that a detective has been assigned to the case. Left Brain is facing one charge of simple battery for swatting the photographer in the head, knocking the lens off her camera and leaving a red mark on her face.