First Listen: Skrillex + The Doors = Huh?

Check out a musical collaboration made in bro-step hell.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

I'm convinced that somewhere around the birth of Michael Jackson's last child, the universe took a hard left turn down a rabbit hole of bizarre – and there's simply no coming back. Further proof arrives today in the form of a collaboration project between the surviving members of legendary rock act The Doors and magazine-coverboy and bro-step sensation Skrillex.

Producer Sonny took part as well in the project, which was part of the Re:Generation project from Amir Bar-Lev. EDM fans and general headscratchers have been anticipating this first oddball listen of songs from the upcoming 'Re:Generation' documentary, and we've finally got the sounds for you. Below is a reportedly unfinished version of "Breakin' A Sweat (It's Alright)," which Doors fans will find a shade of familiarity in through Ray Manzarek's keys, at the least.

This isn't intergenerational bonding music, by any means. Chances are, if you played this for your parents, they'd smash all your computers and put you through some kind of electroshock therapy. The dubsteppy bleats and warped synth blasts are sure to alienate anyone over 35 with a working set of eardrums – if not, that candyflip dose you slipped in their Metamucil is probably setting in already.

Thankfully, Jim Morrison's not around to hear this – or, God forbid, take part. We're all for mashup collaborations, but we're not on nearly enough drugs to make this listenable.

Re:Generation is due out next year and also features Mark Ronson, Pretty Lights and Crystal Method.