Rock It Out! Ep 21: Music News Overload!

Keeping you on the cutting edge of music news with all the updates you need this week!

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

In the latest installment of our original CraveOnline music video series called Rock It Out! our fearless host Sami Jarroush, better known to the world as the mastermind behind the fantastic daily rock news/video blog RockItOut!Blog, sits down for this week’s music-news storytime chat.

In this week’s edition, Sami braves the sweltering heat to break off some music news from his backyard, featuring updates from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Puscifer, Blink 182 and more. We learn about the Black Keys’ new garage-rock direction on their upcoming album and the Beastie Boys’ ridiculously awesome new video. Oh, did we mention that Bjork’s new album costs $800? …Yeah.

That does it for this week! Tune in same time same place next week for Sami's next update, and as always, keep an eye on his kickass video blog RockItOut!Blog for your daily fix.