Watch Smashing Pumpkins’ Short Film For ‘Owata’

Watch a 12-minute short film that's not unlike turning on your TV & stereo and playing them both simultaneously.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

The Smashing Pumpkins have debuted a new short film for their song "Owata," a twelve-minute spectacle that focuses on two underground female wrestlers.

Billy Corgan’s zombie Pumpkins' latest video is for a track off the ever-changing 44-track effort, Teargarden By Kaleidyscope. Director Robby Starbuck’s 12 minute short film about female underground wrestling was paired with the song. It's an odd-bird combination that doesn't have a lot of adhesive connecting context, but hey, it's art, right? 

Nothing about the experience flows properly between the music and what unfolds onscreen, except that the song is interspersed with long stretches of uninteresting film (such as a diner scene with terribly boringdialogue) that don't exactly inspire fascinated excitement. Perhaps that's because the song is terrible.

Contrary to beliefs of the devout, Corgan’s not reaching back to the early days of the Pumpkins’ existence with the new material in some justified bid for revitalization. What's been released from Teargarden so far is a terrible stain on the Pumpkins' long and illustrious legacy, an attempt to further milk the name of a band Corgan personally systematically dismantled, fully aware that he has little hope of veiling his artistic impotence behind a new project. But people will buy anything with a Smashing Pumpkins logo on it, won’t they?

Won't they?

Corgan's sure counting on it. 

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