Steven Tyler Calls ‘Celebrity Rehab’ Fake, Lashes Out

The Aerosmith frontman and 'American Idol' judge defends ex-GNR drummer Steven Adler in his attack on Dr. Drew's show.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


Part-time Aerosmith frontman turned full-time American Idol judge Steven Tyler has lashed out at Dr. Drew Pinsky's star-vulture series "Celebrity Rehab" on Vh1.

Tyler, whose notorious addictions have been well-publicized throughout his entire career, has been trying to revamp his image in a more squeaky-clean light since taking the "Idol" job, but the singer – who rehabs may as well have built a revolving door for – has taken issue with a show that paints itself as a safe haven for addicted stars, but in actuality is a thinly veiled attempt to cash in big by turning a camera on in a room full of well-known trainwrecks.

In his new autobiography, Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?, Tyler recounts that he was in a Los Angeles area rehab at the same time former Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler, and he alleges that Adler was "told to fake his drug stupor for the 'Celebrity Rehab,'" according to Reuters.

"They wanted him to act out his own messed-up state when he entered rehab. It was ghoulish and unreal. They gave him 30 grand for the episode, he snorted it all, crashed his car, and he ended up in jail detox," Tyler wrote in the book. "It didn't seem to me all that ethical using actual f—ed-up people like Steven Adler in a reality show, but who am I to say? Not to mention getting trashed celebrities to mime their own self-destructive nosedives which they then sensationalize on a melo-fing-dramatic reality show, which so traumatizes them they end up in worse shape than ever — from the drugs they bought with the money from the show."

I dunno, does this look fake to you?

No word yet in response from Dr. Drew, but Steven Adler's depths of addiction are truly saddening for those familiar with the fallen star's struggles. A ghost of his former self clinging desperately to his one-album claim to fame, Adler was kicked out of GNR in 1990 (21 years ago!) for his excessive drug and alcohol abuse and has spent the past two decades attempting to rejoin his old band. His struggles with heroin and alcohol have severely hampered his efforts. 

The slurring, nodding off and general total dishevelment of the one-time member in one of the biggest bands in music history on "Celebrity Rehab" indicated for all fans that Adler was a complete disaster, who was so hung up on the past that he even named his own band with a thin reference to the past: Adler's Appetite. 

When facing drug charges stemming from a July 2010 arrest, Adler told the judge he’d like to go to rehab, and then re-form with GNR. Adler’s attorney outlined his wishes:

"When he gets sober they'll (Guns N Roses) accept him into the band and then they'll do a comeback album and a world tour – that's the dream of Steven Adler."

Adler's dream is a truly depressing delusion, given that not even Slash, Dugg and Izzy have seriously discussed reforming – and they were on the lesser end of the dependency rope. But during a recent radio interview on Southern California's KLOS. As reported on Blabbermouth, host Stew Herrera asked the current Adler's Appetite drummer if such a reunion is at all likely.

"It's really up to Axl [Rose]," Adler said. "The ball's in his court. He gets a lot of flack for… People think he doesn't care, but it's the complete opposite — he cares so much that he takes it to another level. He's a superstar."

But sadly, Steven, you are not.