Rock It Out! Ep 16

Take a trip back in time with this week's Rock It Out! video installment.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Listen here, you rapscallions! Welcome to the roarin' twenties installment of our original CraveOnline music-news video series called Rock It Out! featuring Sami, our fearless host, better known to the world as the mastermind behind the fantastic daily rock news/video blog RockItOut!Blog.


These here are tough times, see, and we don't put up with no wiseguy action in these parts, as they're bound to get you hanged by your sock garters from a high-rise window. So cut the jabwaggle, grab a chair, hang your hat and belly up to the bar for all the week's music news updates! 


To do some more time traveling with Sami and keep up with all the awesome music news of the day, keep an eye on the Rock It Out Blog!