Giveaway: Win a Queens of the Stone Age Autographed Vinyl Prize Pack!

Pick up your free signed copy of QOTSA's self-titled record, a Record Store Day release and more!

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


With Record Store Day right around the corner, music fans are once again planning out which record shops to hit first to get that coveted limited-edition [insert participating band here] vinyl before they run out. 


Why does Record Store Day matter, you ask? We've got your answer here, as well as the list of all the records being offered. We’re also taking some of the legwork out of the hunt this week with a Queens Of The Stone Age contest, featuring a signed copy of the reissued self-titled first release from the band, as well as a Rekords Rekords 10″ record Mr. Joshua Homme & the boys are putting out (alongside Alain Johannes & Mini Mansions) in a limited Record Store Day run, among other badass items.


The QOTSA contest merch pack includes:


• Signed Queens Of The Stone Age self-titled LP

• T-Shirt (featuring the album art)

• Rekords Rekords 10” Vinyl

• Rekords Rekords coffee mug


Not a bad little prize, eh? To win, follow us on Twitter and shoot us a tweet with the hashtag #VinylQOTSA. Simple as that. And if you don’t have a Twitter account, consider this your incentive.


Rekords Rekords Record Tracklist:


Side A


Alain Johannes:  "Endless Eyes"


Desert Sessions: "Nenada"


Side B


Queens Of The Stone Age: "Regular John"


Mini Mansions: "The Room Outside"