Foo Fighters Unveil Official Video For ‘White Limo’

Watch the hilariously lo-fi vid and hear the first single off the new Foo Fighters record!

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Foo Fighters Unveil Official Video For 'White Limo'


Though it looks like Dave Grohl found an old VHS tape in the basement and unleashed it upon the world, the new Foo Fighters video for their new single “White Limo" was actually made within the past week. Oh yeah, and it kicks some serious ass.

A blast from the past arrives in this lo-fi 90′s-style video, which features the infamous white limo, driven by none other than Motorhead icon Lemmy. Watch out for those air drums at the end! That’s after the head-slamming, champagne-guzzling, drive-by puking ROCK fest, of course. I smell video of the year. 


Check out our live review of the album, and pick up the new Foo Fighters record Wasting Light at their official site when it’s released on April 12.