10 Guys Who Think They’re The Strongest Man In The World

All of these dudes are massive.

K Thor Jensenby K Thor Jensen
Photo: HBO

As the New Year rolls on, how many of you have stuck to your resolution of hitting the gym more often? One of the worst things about working out is lifting some pathetic amount next to a ridiculously swole dude who has veins as thick as Twizzlers bulging from his biceps. But here’s a little something to make those guys seem less intimidating – a rundown of ten enormous dudes who are competing to win the title of the strongest man in the world. These genetic freaks are thick masses of meat that would make any dude look puny, not just you. So don’t feel too bad when you look down at your flabby muscles.

10 Guys Who Think They’re The Strongest Man In The World

So, ready to hit the gym? Ready to lift some logs over your head? Ready to make your eyes bulge out of your head and your veins out of your body? Great! Here is an awesome montage to get you hyped up as you build up those muscles.

Here’s hoping you’re ready for some competition now (you aren’t).

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