This Woman Got Dumped During A Romantic Vacation So She Lost Weight And Posted A Topless Photo

Hey, whatever helps you cope.

Bryan Brunatiby Bryan Brunati
Photo: Instagram/Sian Ryan

These “I lost weight so others can feel like garbage for mistreating me” stories are coming out of the woodwork recently. But hey, we don’t mind telling you folks about it.

It was just yesterday we told you about the Arizona woman who lost weight and got hot after being kicked off a Disneyland ride, and before that it was all about the Australian gal who also lost weight after an ex called her “fat.” But now this time around the story is a tad different. Just a tad.

Sian Ryan, a 25-year-old was pretty happy in her 18-month relationship with her boyfriend, when out of nowhere he decided to dump her. Which happens. But this dude did it during their romantic relationship. Not so “romantic.” But instead of burning all his stuff like some women would do, Ryan decided to take the advice of Khloe Kardashian for some ungodly reason: “looking good is always the best revenge.” So that’s exactly what Ryan did.

Ryan, who weighed around 260 lbs before being dumped, headed to the gym and dropped close to 100 lbs. Oh, and then she went ahead and dropped this topless selfie.

Quite the transformation.

Ryan admits to Daily Mail that she let herself go because she used to be “lazy.” “I would party all the time and eat junk,” Ryan said. “I’d drink liters and liters of sugary, full-fat cola and loved takeaway pizzas.”

Ryan also states that her boyfriend was enabling that behavior, as he lived the same way.

But now being dumped was in a way the best thing that could happen to Ryan because now she looks like this. Check her out below thanks to her Instagram.

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