Arizona Woman Gets Kicked Off Disneyland Ride For Her Size, Loses 134 Pounds And Is Now Smoking Hot

Talk about a transformation.

Bryan Brunatiby Bryan Brunati
Photo: Instagram

It’s always nice reading about people who lose weight and learn to have self-control because God knows I have none of that (I’m actually eating while I write this). We gave kudos to the Australian woman who lost a bunch of weight after her ex called her “fat,” and we gave a shoutout to the woman who dropped 100 pounds after her husband cheated on her and berated her. Well now it’s time to talk about Arizona woman Christina Jordan and her incredible weight loss.

It was almost a decade ago when 271 pound Jordan was kicked off a ride at Disneyland because she couldn’t fit, and was forced to do the walk of shame.

“My family and I waited two hours in line for one ride, and we’re hot and cranky,” Jordan tells People. “And when we finally go to sit, the seat belt doesn’t fit over me. The poor kid that’s manning the ride says, “I’m sorry ma’am, it doesn’t fit, you’re too large to ride this ride.”

And then this happened: “I bolted off that ride. And I go to leave, and I couldn’t fit through the people counter. My hips were too wide, so they had to open the gate, and I felt like cattle being brought out to slaughter. It was the most embarrassing moment of my life. But it also opened my eyes to the fact that I had to change.”

Well, nine years later and the 34-year-old mother has lost 134 lbs. Oh, and she’s also an “Instagram star.” I guess that’s a thing now.

In order to lose weight, Jordan focused on being healthy, and educating herself on nutrition. Jordan started eating five or six smaller meals per day, as well as including lean protein, a complex carbohydrate, and a healthy fat into each meal.

Well, it paid off because look at these photos of her now thanks to her Instagram.

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