College Student Pays For Parking Ticket Using 11,000 Pennies

See a penny, pick it up.

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Heroes come in all different shapes and sizes, and one student has become a beacon of hope by paying a parking fine with 11,000 pennies.

College Student Pays For Parking Ticket Using 11,000 Pennies

News, Guys Pays For Parking Fine In Pennies

26-year-old student Stephen Coyle, was handed a $110 parking fine at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and learned that 80% of all fines go to other schools. Well Stephen, who happens to be the vice president of the mathematics club (and your next boss, probably), wasn’t having any of this, so he decided to pay the fine in a very interesting way.

Stephen used up all the time he wasn’t using to be with women to round up 11,000 pennies over a few days and put them all into $25 boxes.

News, Guy Pays For Parking Fine In Pennies

Stephen also wrote an email to USA Today College and informed them that he thought it was wrong that college students are paying for public schools when it should be the responsibility of the taxpayer.

The University responded by giving Stephen kudos for his interest in local government, which is a nice way of giving him the middle finger.

I would like to know how one gathers 11,000 pennies in a few days.

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