Lovie Smith vs. Mike Ditka: A Contrast In Coaching

Mike Ditka and Lovie Smith go about their business in very different ways.

paul-ulaneby paul-ulane

Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith is the NFL’s fourth-longest tenured coach but just about any Bears fan will tell you they’re getting a little tired of the emotionless play-caller’s lack of passion on the sidelines. While the Bears endure a second straight second half collapse, Smith continues to stand there stoically watching the team go down in flames. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Chicago hero and Super Bowl-winning head coach Mike Ditka, who verbally abused everyone in his path on the way to a ring. Here’s a look at how two of Chicago’s best known head coaches go about leading their team to victory.

After A Loss

After A Win

Upset With The Officials

During A Contentious Media Session

After A Perm

On Their Wedding Day

After A Stroke

After A Super Bowl Victory