Women Keeps Mummified Body of Dead Boyfriend in Her Home for 2 Years

Until death do you part. And sometimes not even then.

max-millerby max-miller
It’s hard not to think about someone you love after they’ve passed away.

This is especially true if their corpse happens to be propped up in your living room.

In Jackson, Mich., a woman will possibly face charges after the police found the body of her boyfriend in her home after he had apparently been dead for close to two years.

The body of Charles William Zigler, 67, was mummified and discovered upright in a living room chair in the home the two shared together. No foul play is suspected since the medical examiner came to the conclusion that Zigler had died of natural causes sometime in December 2010.

Zigler’s girlfriend, 71, let the police into her home when they had been contacted by concerned family members to check on him. When the body was discovered, she admitted that she knew he was dead and had simply covered him up.

Further investigation will decide whether or not the woman should be charged with a crime.