High-Speed Robbery Attempt Caught on Video

Whatever happened to a good, old-fashioned bank robbery?

paul-ulaneby paul-ulane

In a move that wouldn’t be believable even if Jason Bourne had been in the driver’s seat, this daredevil group of Romanian criminals tries to pull off a heist on a moving truck. The video was taken by Romania’s Department for Organized Crime and Terrorism and shows the whole process, from approach to break-in to escape.

Hurtling down the road only inches behind the truck, two men climb out of the sun roof of their car to start the break-in. While one of the men prepares his special tools, the other holds onto his ankles for support. After opening the back doors and looking inside, the criminals don’t see anything they like and hop back into the car before retreating.

While they didn’t take anything this time, the gang had been responsible for a number of robberies from moving vehicles between March and May. These high-speed heists resulted in TVs, cigarettes and coffee, which the gang would turn around and sell in Bucharest’s Obor market. The gang was eventually brought down by an investigation that included 20 house searches across Romania.

Via The (U.K.) Daily Telegraph