Convenient Store Clerk Spanks Would-Be Robber on His Bare Butt

That should teach them a lesson.

cory-jonesby cory-jones

Robbers in Canada take note: don’t try to rob Zhen Yang’s convenient store, because you will not only get sprayed with anti-bear spray (yes, that’s a thing in Canada), but he will bend you over his counter and spank you like a very bad child.

As you can see from this security camera video, two assailants robbed Zhen, one of whom was wielding a knife. He’s complied with their demands and opened up his cash register. But when they wanted something in the safe, one of the attackers jumped over the counter. Zhen then unleashed a powerful can of “Counter Assault Bear Deterrent” on him, which is an extremely powerful pepper spray. If it’s strong enough to stop a bear, you can imagine what it would do to an everyday hoodlum.

As the robber attempted to get away, Zhen hit him with his chair, and bent him over his counter to give his bare ass a good, old-fashioned spanking.