12-Year-Old Accidentally Put in Jail

Suddenly being sent to your room doesn't sound so bad.

paul-ulaneby paul-ulane

Life is difficult when you’re a kid. Adults are always telling you what to do, where to go, which prison cell to lock yourself into. At least that appears to be how it goes in Jasper County, Ind.

The misunderstanding went down at the Jasper County Jail, where 12-year-old Jacob Magruder was waiting for his family. While the rest of the Magruders were dealing with his arrested 17-year-old brother, Jacob was hanging out alone in the waiting room. That’s when the trouble began.

An officer approached the 12-year-old and asked a co-worker if Jacob was the boy he was supposed to take away. The co-worker agreed and the officer went about standard procedure. That involved patting down the 12-year-old for weapons and handcuffing the tot before locking him in a holding cell.

Jacob sat in the cell for a several minutes before the officers realized they had mistaken a 12-year-old for a 17-year-old and let him out. Once freed, Magruder did what any other freshly released criminal would do and ran to his mom in tears. The department is now looking into the incident and deciding on the proper discipline.


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