The Definitive List of ‘The Simpsons’ Lists

The best of the best from America's No. 1 animated family.

paul-ulaneby paul-ulane

“The Simpsons” has been on the air for over 20 years, and has provided almost too many hilarious highlights to keep track of. Until now. Thanks to the Internet, the best moments in the show’s history have been relentlessly ranked, rehashed and archived. As a public service, we decided to compile the best of the best ofs all in one spot for you.

The Best Chalkboard Gags
With a show as smart as “The Simpsons,” the laughs start during the opening credits. Here’s almost 15 minutes worth of Bart’s detention chalkboard assignments.

The Best Couch Gags
Here’s the other moment from the show’s intro that fans love to argue about. But why rank them when you can just enjoy all of them? This YouTube clip speeds up the tape to charge through every meet up at the couch from 1989 to 2008 in under five minutes.

The Best Homer “D’ohs”
The show’s signature character spits out his signature catchphrase over and over and over again here. In 4:25, you get almost every “D’oh!” from the first 20 seasons.

The Best of Ralph Wiggum
Whether he’s gluing himself to himself, bending his Wookiee or just having general trouble with the English language (“Me fail English? That’s unpossible!”), Ralph has provided some of the most quotable moments in the show’s history.

The Best of Homer Choking Bart
“Why you little…” never ended well for Bart. “The Simpsons” rarely gets the credit it deserves for showing the lighter side of child abuse.

The Best (Worst?) of Mr. Burns
Mr. Burns is the least ashamed one percenter in the history of disgustingly wealthy people. The richest man in Springfield tries to bribe a health inspector, take candy from a baby and pull off all sorts of other horrible acts of greed in this montage.

The Best of Homer Drunk
We have a feeling Homer was blacked out for most of these moments, but they’ve been preserved online for eternity. And we’re all winners because of it.

The Best of Itchy and Scratchy
You can’t go wrong with over eight minutes of highlights from a show whose signature move is replacing body parts with lit bombs.

The Best of Hans Moleman
Poor Hans just can’t seem to catch a break. If you’re ever feeling really down, just replay this lowlight reel of car accidents and groin shots and you’ll realize your life is not all that bad.

The Best of Bart’s Prank Phone Calls
Unfortunately, no one could get the animations to go along with all of Bart’s juvenile-yet-still-hilarious prank calls. Still, all you need is the audio to bring you back to the glorious days of when asking for “Seymor Butts” was the funniest thing ever.

The Best/Most Irritating Nelson “Ha ha!” Loop
If you’re still craving more, watch this incredibly annoying hour long loop of Nelson’s mocking laughter. That should stop your interest in the show for at least a couple weeks. If it doesn’t, call your doctor. And ask him for his “The Simpsons” DVDs.