Models Nadia Grace And Shannon Barker Made The Hottest ‘Miami Vice’-Themed Video Ever

Bring back the '80s.

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Screenshot: Instagram/Chris Applebaum

Look, I don’t know if there are a lot of Miami Vice-themed videos out there. But if there were, then this video directed by our pal Chris Applebaum would be at the top.

We don’t need to tell you folks who Applebaum is as we have mentioned him plenty of times before, most recently when we mentioned a video that put the spotlight on Kelsie Smeby eating pizza. So let’s just get into this so you all can enjoy the following. It’s pretty much just 21-year-old model Nadia Grace and 22-year-old model Shannon Barker having a ball with each other all while the Miami Vice theme song plays. Oh, they also feed each other and smack each other’s butts. Why? Because it looks good, that’s why.

So without further ado here’s part one of the video.

Part two coming in strong!

And now for part three.

What kind of people would we be if we didn’t show you a few more photos of these models? Let’s start with these photos of Grace thanks to her Instagram.

A post shared by Nadia Grace (@nadia_mejia) on

A post shared by Nadia Grace (@nadia_mejia) on

A post shared by Nadia Grace (@nadia_mejia) on

And now Barker thanks to her Instagram.

There. Now wasn’t that a great time?

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