Madison Skye Has To Be The Hottest Barber In Canada

We all wish she was our barber.

Mandatory Editorsby Mandatory Editors
Photo: Instagram/Madison Skye

That’s right, I said barber.

If you were into Angelica Anderson and all her tattoos, you’re going to be into Madison Skye, too. And if you’re lucky she might just cut your hair. And that’s because the 27-year-old Canadian bombshell happens to be, in her own words, a lady barber at Barber & CO. in Toronto. And something tells me that place is jammed packed when Skye is working.

When she’s not cutting hair Skye is also modeling as she has appeared in many publications including the very popular Tattoo Life. Skye has been cutting hair since 2009 and ever since then she has become quite popular as she has reeled in close to 360k followers on Instagram.

And speaking of Instagram I think it’s time we check out the best of Skye, don’t you think? Of course we should. Have a look.

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