Gold-Medalist McKayla Maroney Shares Blazing Hot Video On Instagram

So hot it can melt gold.

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Photo: Instagram/McKayla Maroney

It’s true that former Olympian and gold-medalist¬†McKayla Maroney doesn’t post very often, but when she does she turns heads in a flash. It was just like that time Maroney shared some super hot photos on the Fourth of July. Or like the time she once again reminded us how she’s a true American on social media. But guess what? Maroney may have shared her hottest gift with us yet.

The 21-year-old took it to her Instagram to share a fantastic video with her 1.2 million followers. And what was that video? Oh, you know, just Maroney in a thong and showcasing her incredible bum. That’s right, folks.

Check it out below and enjoy.

McKayla Maroney Shares Blazing Hot Video On Instagram

Feel free to watch that a few times. We understand the repeated views. And we also understand if you really, really enjoy these other photos of Maroney.

What an American.

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