You’ll Want To Reel In Hot Pro Fisher Michelle Clavette

Gone fishing. Forever.

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Photo: Instagram/Michelle Clavette

While I don’t like to fish and will never see the amusement in it as it’s just a bunch of dudes sitting next to each other and listening to each other breathe, there are a lot of fans out there of the activity. Hell, maybe that’s why gals and fish bra is so popular? But even if you’re not into fishing, you’re going to be into pro fisher Michelle Clavette.

And why is that? Well…

This blonde bombshell was taught how to fish by her father at the age of six, and ever since then has been an absolute pro out in the water — and oh, she looks pretty damn good doing it. That’s why Clavette has reeled in over 100k followers on Instagram.

Clavette spends up to four days a week fishing, so she has plenty of snaps to share with us all. And now let’s check some of them out thanks to her Instagram.

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