51-Year-Old Elizabeth Hurley Shared Another Bikini Pic On Instagram And Wouldn’t You Know It She Still Looks Great

This woman won't age.

Bryan Brunatiby Bryan Brunati
Photo: Instagram/Elizabeth Hurley

This is definitely no the first time we’ve talked about Elizabeth Hurley, as most recently we just had to share with you the time the 51-year-old actress shared some pictures of herself on the beach. And of course we just had to tell you about the time Hurley posted an amazing pic of her body that she took of herself. So any guess as to why we are bringing up the British actress again? You got it, Hurley just posted yet another bikini pic.

Let’s take a look at the bikini pic Hurley shared on her Instagram – a pic that once again will remind you just how amazing this woman looks for 51.

She’s 51, folks. 51.

Now you have to enjoy these other gems Hurley has shared.

This lady defies age.

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