Hot Russian Model Shows You How To Tell If Boobs Are Fake Or Real

Here's a nice little trick.

Bryan Brunatiby Bryan Brunati
Photo: Sveta Bilyalova (Getty)

Although don’t suggest to a woman you let her try this because you will quickly get a restraining order against you.

As much as you’d like to believe that you can tell the difference between fake boobs and real boobs simply by staring at them like Randy Orton stared at a fan’s boobs, chances are you can’t. So a Russian model named Sveta Bilyalova is doing everyone a favor by showing you all just how to spot a pair of fake goods. Bilvalova actually shared a video on her Instagram called the “Tits Authenticity Verification.” Yes, that’s actually what she says.

Let’s take a look at the video below thanks to her Instagram.

So pretty much using the flashlight on two iPhones and pressing them up against a pair of goods, shutting off the light, and seeing what color shines is the way to tell if those boobs are fake or real. If they contain silicone, they glow red. But if those girls are all natural they will not glow at all.

Now I don’t know if this is even accurate, but she had “Eye of the Tiger” playing in the background so it has to be legit, right? Anyway, I feel you’ve earned these photos of Bilvalova thanks to her Instagram.

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And according to Bilyalova hers are all real.

h/t Maxim

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