And Here We Have 3 Flight Attendants Who Are Blowing Up The Internet With Their Hot Bikini Pics

Flying can be very, very fun.

Bryan Brunatiby Bryan Brunati
Photo: Instagram

I really need to start flying again, and just hope my fear of heights goes away.

Now we’ve told you about hot pilots before — like the Swedish pilot who just travels the world and shares yoga pictures, and like the other hot Swedish pilot, Maria Fagerström. But now it’s time to talk about the backbone of airplane flights: flight attendants.

These three flight attendants are turning heads on Instagram and blowing up the internet, and it’s pretty obvious why. The flight attendants, Victoria Tsuranova, Georgia Nielsen and Patricia Rainam, enjoy sharing super hot pics when they aren’t stuffing multiple bags of peanuts down their passengers’ throats. You know, like the typical flight attendant does.

Tzuranova works for Aeroflot, Nielsen works for Emirates, and Rainam is with Norwegian Airlines, and that is all fine and dandy. But what’s even more fine and dandy are what they share on their Instagram.

Let’s check out a few pictures from each Instagram, starting with Tzuranova and her Instagram:

Now here is some of Nielsen thanks to her Instagram.

And finally, let’s check out Rainam’s Instagram pictures.

A photo posted by Patricia ✈️ (@_rainam) on

A photo posted by Patricia ✈️ (@_rainam) on

A photo posted by Patricia ✈️ (@_rainam) on

A photo posted by Patricia ✈️ (@_rainam) on

I need a vacation soon.

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