5 Episodes of Rejected Pitches

Movie executives had “just a few notes” for Pulp Fiction and E.T.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

The logline I had for this web series was, “Three idiot Hollywood executives attempt to ruin the best movies of all-time with their notes.” After a round of notes from executives, the logline has morphed into, “Three attractive, successful executives aid famous movies on their way to Hollywood history.” These are 5 episodes of rejected pitches:


Back To The Future

Back To The Camping!



Phone home… and tell your family you’re moving back to Iowa.


The Shining

And that’s how the script megaphone was invented.


Pulp Fiction

I thought they would have loved the product placement for McDonalds.


Citizen Kane

One year later, the film is made… as Kid Kane, a Disney Channel original movie.


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