The Big List: Dark Side Of The Internet! RIP Nintendo Power!

The worst job at Google will make you go crazy! Plus: Nintendo powers off its magazine.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Time to start an awesome video game company, make a magazine that every gamer kid wants, give these kids tips and tricks, become irrelevant when the internet offers all the same content for free, stick around for another decade or so, finally close shop much to the nostalgic sadness of former kid gamers and check out these links!


The Googler Who Looked At The Worst of The Internet

Goatse is just the tip of the gross iceberg.


Nintendo Power Tribute: Best Reader Letters

It’s game over for the magazine that brought us the best FAQs ever.


The Oatmeal Leads Internet To Donate About $1 Million For Tesla Museum

With over 38 days left in their fundraising campaign! Talk about shocking numbers. *Ba-dum-bum*


Arrested Development Doing Even More Episodes?

David Cross thinks it’ll be 13, not just 10. They must have found more tapes in the Banana Stand.


The Internet: A Decade Later

I miss you, ICQ.


That’s all for this Teslariffic edition of The Big List!


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