The Big List: Olympic Crying! Pitbull Exiled! $800 iPhone?!

How to lose like an Olympian. Plus: Will iPhone 5 cost $800?

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Time to go to the Olympics, compete in an event, watch as the ref makes a bad call, refuse to leave until they reverse the decision, wait, wait, wait, get escorted out by security, find yourself all over the internet and check out these links!


Olympic Fencer Refuses To Leave The Floor After Getting Screwed

It’s her Olympic protest and she’ll cry if she wants to.


Twitter Thinks The iPhone Will Cost $800, Even Though It Probably Won’t

But… uh, I’ll sell you one for $800, after I get a couple for $200. Any takers?


Pitbull Successfully Exiled To Alaska and Met His Online Tormentor

The internet checks another thing off its bucket list.


There Is No Escape From Facebook Timeline

“Like” it or else. [image via]


7 Sitcom Characters Who Would Have Been Olympic Stars

Good thing they’ve all been taught that winning isn’t everything. Awwwww…


That’s all for this edition of The Big List. Awwwww…


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