8 Reporters Getting Kissed On Air

Live TV is a giant make-out party.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Television reporters covering sporting events or New Years Eve better prepare themselves. There’s an onslaught coming for them… an onslaught of drunken affection from those in the crowd brave enough to steal a kiss on camera. Here are 8 reporters getting kissed on air:


Sky News (Olympics 2012)

Uh… thank you?


Tele 5

Making out with your hot girlfriend on air deserves its own World Cup.


Russia Today

It happens at the end of the video, but it’s the beginning of that man’s dreams coming true.



He got her in the dreaded lip lock.


Fox 6



BBC News

That was some awkward cutting there, BBC News.


Setanta Sports News



Sky News (Royal Wedding)

Wanna get kissed on air? Join Sky News.


Bonus: Nevada on New Years

Close, but no kiss-gar (kissing cigar).


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