T.G.I.M.! #163

Getting you prepped for the sports on TV this week of July.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Not to put down fans of any of the sports currently in action, but life without baseball, football — and even hockey — is something of a drag. Luckily, we have the upcoming Olympics to lift our spirits a bit as well as the NFL preseason, which is just around the corner.

For the NBA, besides the Summer League currently going on, the craziness of free agency has been quite entertaining. Can you believe the bump in salary that Jeremy Lin is getting? And who would have thought Brooke Lopez was worth a max deal? Simply craziness!

Anyway, while we don't have the premier sports — generally speaking — on going, there is still plenty to watch for anyone looking for a good, old-fashioned competition.



(MLB) LA Angels at Detroit 7 pm ESPN

(OLYMPICS) USA Basketball Mens Team vs Brazil 8 pm ESPN2– This year's mens basketball squad has likened itself superior to the fabled 'Dream Team' of '92. Can't say that I agree with that sentiment, but considering the advances in conditioning and and the upgrade of size and athleticism over the years, I do believe that the game would be closer than Michael Jordan would like to imagine.



(MLB) San Francisco at Atlanta 7:10 pm MLB Network



(MLB) NY Mets at Washington 7 pm ESPN

(SOCCER) 2012 ESPN Supper Soccer Series- Seattle vs Chelsea 9:30 pm ESPN2



(GOLF) The Open Championship July 19th-22nd ESPN

(GOLF) True South Classic July 19th-22nd TGC

(MLB) Chicago White Sox at Boston 7:10 pm MLB Network



(BOXING) Friday Night Fights: Juan Carlos Burgos vs Caesar Vasquez 9 pm ESPN2



(NASCAR) STP 300 at Chicago 3 pm ESPN



(MLB) LA Dodgers at NY Mets 1:10 pm TBS

(MLB) Texas at LA Angels 8 pm ESPN


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