7 Reporters Getting Owned By Animals

This just in: cats, dogs and lizards all hate news reporters.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Some animals are great on camera, like Willy the Orca Whale from that classic 90s kids movie Saving Private Ryan. Others are not so good, as we can see from these local news bloopers. Tip for animal actors: if you try to maul a human on camera, you’ll never work in this town again. Here are 7 reporters getting owned by animals:


Reporter vs. Stray Cat

That cat’s gonna hang out on your shoulder, whether you’re into it or not.


Reporter vs. Lizard

Literal leaping lizards!


Reporter vs. Dog

The dog was just wishing her a Happy Valentine’s Day in his own awful way.


Reporter vs. Reindeer

There’s something reindeer like even more than delivering toys.


Reporter vs. Bird

He sure got a mouthful. *Rimshot*


Reporter vs. Stray Cat 2

I get the feeling that this cat doesn’t want to be on TV.


Reporter vs. Bug

Someone didn’t remember about how live TV works.


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