10 Freudian Slips On The News

Sex bloopers on the boobs. I mean, news!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

The old saying is that men think about sex every 7 seconds. While most men probably don’t think about sex that often, I bet news anchors – both men and women – do. Check out all the on-air TV news sex bloopers YouTube users have uploaded! These anchors have dirty minds, and what better place to discover that than on live TV? Here are 10 Freudian slips on the news:


CNN: Kyra Phillips C-Bomb

Cun—uh, can you believe it?


Fox News: Page Hopkins Says “Tits”

Heh heh. Tits.


Australia’s 7 News: Erected?

Someone’s got a crush on a certain 32nd Leader of the Opposition named Tony Abbotts.


CBS: Katie Couric Says “Suck Off”

I like this kind of election coverage.


Action 7 News: But… He’s Gay!

Considering how difficult it is for gay people to climb mountains, this is a remarkable achievement.


Fox News: Jane Skinner’s “Top Cock”

Brought to you by Magic Mike, now in theaters.


News 12: Check The Boobies

I wish the map zoomed in on a giant boob.


FOX News: Shepard Smith’s C-Bomb

What a hunt!


Australia’s Channel 10: Black Fags

Maybe the state radio also wants black fags? It’s at least worth investigating.


CNN: Nice Melons

To be fair, CNN is the most trusted name in fruits.


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