Little Mosque On The Prairie Signs Off

CBC show changed the face of Muslims on TV.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

The groundbreaking CBC show "Little Mosque on the Prairie" is coming to a close – the finale to the series will air April 2nd.

The program is a satirical look at a Muslim community living in Mercy, Saskatchewan, Canada. It stars Zaib Shaikh ("Da Vinci's City Hall"), Sitara Hewitt ("Lost Girl," "You Bet Your Ass"), Debra McGrath ("The Ron James Show"), Manoj Sood ("Life & Style with Zara"), Neil Crone ("Really Me," "King"), and Arlene Duncan ("The Ron James Show," "Flashpoint"). The show first premiered on the CBC network back in January 2007 and had a great premiere night. Six seasons have followed, and it has been screened in more than 90 countries.

“It was a risk for Canada, it was a risk for the CBC and for the people who put this show together,” said Shaikh to the CBC, who played the lawyer turned imam on the series. “It came at a risky time and we leave it at a better time.”

Hewitt added, "So many people who were not Muslim said ‘hey there's a girl in my office who wears a hajib and now I understand that she takes it off when she goes home.’ And I understand all these things about women in hajibs, so it was nice to be informing people and finally making Muslims feel that they were finally represented in TV."

The finale of "Little Mosque on the Prairie" will air April 2nd at 8:30pm on CBC.