Top 5 Marriage Proposal Fails

If you're having a bad day at the office, take a moment to think of these guys.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

Women have got it easy when it comes to marriage proposals. All they have to do is decide whether to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to the guy in front of them on bended knee, holding a ring the cost of a Ford Fiesta, desperate for their approval.

On the other hand, men have two possibilities to worry about – the first possibility is that she’ll say no, while the second is that the footage of her saying no will end up on YouTube.

Unfortunately for these guys, those possibilities became a reality. Here are the top 5 marriage proposal fails:

5. It’s OK buddy, the giant bear will always be here for you.

So you’ve just been humiliated in front of millions of people – you might think that the best place to seek solace now would be in the arms of your family and friends. Not this guy though. This guy takes a few words of wisdom from his teams’ mascot, because you all know the old saying: “have your heart broken, receive life advice from a guy dressed up as a teddy bear”.

4. At least this isn’t Live TV! Oh, wait…

Props must go to the co-presenter here, who detracts from an otherwise incredibly awkward situation by pressing the ‘Bongo’ button on his keyboard. Well played, sir.


3. A proposal so bad his girlfriend begins speaking in tongues.

“I’m gonna propose to my girlfriend on national TV – babe, will you marry me?”


“So… is that a yes…?




“Dammit, I knew I should’ve stayed in college.”

2. You might want to tell your Mum to cancel that recording…

The first blow comes when the host informs the gentleman that he is punching above his weight with his girlfriend. The second comes when his girlfriend seems to realise this, running out of the studio in a fit of tears. The third comes when the rejected would-be groom informs the audience that his mother is recording the whole thing. Hopefully she wasn’t the one who put this clip on YouTube…

1. And you thought you had it bad in school.

Thinking he’s the protagonist in an average teen romance movie, this guy gets his buddy to provide the music while he stands awkwardly and attempts to serenade her. Unfortunately, the outcome of this is less American Pie and more American WHY GOD, WHY?!