Veronika London Talks Movies and Maxim

She's definitely more than just a (really) pretty face.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

Veronika London is gorgeous and stunning, but she's also eloquent and she's a fantastic actress. Appearing in a melange of unconventional roles and gracing the pages of countless ads and magazines, this Mexico-born bombshell is always on the go. She let Crave in on a secret about her upcoming Maxim Canada spread, her newfound love and appreciation for horror flicks, and the surprisingly difficult role she has right now as one of hosts on the soon-to-come-out reality show "Canadian Party Girls."

CraveOnline – What are you working on right now?

Veronika London – I'm shooting a horror film called "SICK," which is a lot like "28 Days Later…" My character is a scientist who used to be a rebel-turned-civil, and I become an experiment – they start using different medicines on me and are able to control me. At the same time I get involved with another scientist and they decide to go out in the community that's affected so I go after them.


CraveOnline – Was this your first horror role?

Veronika London – I've had a few. I worked with the same director in "Black Eve" where I played a promiscuous nun – it was a good horror slasher like "Scream."


CraveOnline – Were you always a fan of horror movies?

Veronika London – Now I am – I used to think it was really fake because a lot of the scenes are so gory and bloody, but depending on the script there's always some truth so it's refreshing compared to the dramatic roles I play.


CraveOnline – Tell us about the Canadian reality show "Canadian Party Girls."

Veronika London – It's me and two other hosts, Kayla Ann and Ashley Sky, and we get paid to attend some of the hottest parties across Canada, so it's literally us just doing our thing. We shot our first episode a week ago and it was funny having all these cameras around us – they're all just waiting for us to do something crazy like we were animals in a cage. It's a very different experience because I'm not used to reality TV. I see it so differently now. When you watch a show like "Jersey Shore" you think it's easy but it's really hard – there's a lot of direction, and I have a whole new respect for that now.


CraveOnline – So where are all these parties?

Veronika London – I just got the schedule and we're in different provinces every other week. The next one will be in Vancouver. Each shooting is about three days, two days of prep, so one week to get an episode together.


CraveOnline – Sounds like a fun gig.

Veronika London – Oh it is! It's almost what I would do personally when I'm not working. And I felt like being more open with my audience so this is great.


CraveOnline – And your face is everywhere – we understand that you're in the next Maxim Canada magazine. Do you prefer acting or modelling?

Veronika London – I personally love acting because there's more expression and internal emotions that come out through the characters that you portray.

CraveOnline – How was your experience shooting for Maxim Canada magazine?

Veronika London – Totally awesome – I want to thank Jamie Watling for pitching me and getting me published. He was an amazing photographer to work with. As for the Maxim team – thank you for being present during the shoot.


CraveOnline – Who do you look up to, either personally or professionally?

Veronika London – I'm a big fan of marketing (I'm finishing my BA in marketing), and I know people will be like "Oh my god" but I'd say Kim Kardashian  – she's a smart cookie when it comes to PR. I look up to people who can build brands – the teams behind them are very creative.

And my inspirations in acting are Angelina Jolie and Meryl Streep – they're right up there.


CraveOnline –  Where are you from originally?

Veronika London – I was born in Mexico City. My mom is from Mexico and my dad is from France. I travelled quite a bit growing up until I was a teen and then I stayed in Canada when I was 18 – in-between I lived in France, Mexico, and the States. I live in Santa Monica now but the longest place I lived was Toronto. Canada is an awesome place to live.


CraveOnline – You live in Santa Monica and Toronto, but we read that you also spend a lot of time in New York City – is that because Micheal Del Zotto from the Rangers lives there?

Veronika London –  Wow… news gets around fast. News or gossip anyway! I go down for work and shopping – he is a friend. I admire the mindset and discipline of a pro athlete despite what people say about their lifestyle.

CraveOnline – What's something people would be surprised to know about you?

Veronika London – I've always had a lot of tattoos but they haven't been exposed until I did the Maxim issue – they were always photoshopped and covered up in every project. So this was sort of a "coming out." I've reached a point where I want to be more open and that's a part of me that's big. I have nine tattoos in all and I'm getting a tenth this weekend – it will be a binary code that says "desire" on my upper left thigh.


All Photos Courtesy of Jamie Watling for Maxim Canada