Top 7 Fan-Made Videogame Movie Trailers

Yes.  Michael Cera as Kratos makes sense to me...

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

We have all sat in front of the cinema screen patiently awaiting the film adaptation of Doom/Tomb Raider/Resident Evil, only to be disappointed by what we see and duly vow never to be duped by Hollywood ever again (until the Uncharted movie comes out, of course). We have also sat down many a time and quietly decided that we could do a much better job of recreating our favourite videogame series on the silver screen than the likes of Uwe Boll & co., but that time and money constraints prohibit us from doing so.

Well unlike us these next 7 disillusioned gamers have actually made some progress in the way of making their own videogame movie, in that they’ve already devised the trailer. Here are the top 7 fan-made videogame movie trailers, accompanied with a side-order of reasons why a full-length feature would be a good/bad thing.


7. Mario Paint

Why it would work: The whole “gritty reboot” thing is soooooo in right now.

Why it wouldn’t: I’m not sure how you’d market the image of Mario with his pants around his ankles to the Wii-generation.


6. Dig Dug

Why it would work: “You’ll Dig Dug” – there, that’s the tagline sorted. The easiest marketing the producers will ever have to do.

Why it wouldn’t: “You’ll Dig Dug” is a terrible tagline.


5. Tetris

Why it would work: Did you know Battleships and Monopoly are being made into movies? Yep. A Tetris movie doesn’t seem so illogical now, does it?

Why it wouldn’t: The Battleships and Monopoly movies are undoubtedly going to be ass.


4. Pac-Man

Why it would work: A drug-addict Pac-Man taking part in a coin operated Saw-like game of life or death? What’s not to love?!

Why it wouldn’t work: Pac-Man isn’t quite the draw he was in the 80s, which certainly explains the addiction…


3. Legend of Zelda

Why it would work: The Legend of Zelda is perhaps the most cinematic videogame franchise of all time.

Why it wouldn’t: It would be a bit difficult to have a movie where your protagonist is incapable of speech.


2. God of War

Why it would: A virtual icon for a huge corporation talking about water births whilst Edward Sharp & the Magnetic Zeros play in the background? Sundance is going to love this.

Why it wouldn’t: It’s been a few years now. We can all finally admit that we didn’t actually like Juno.


1. Pokémon

Why it would work: See Mario Paint.

Why it wouldn’t: We’re not sure the world is ready for the image of a malnourished and bloody Pikachu.