CraveOnline Parties At Comic-Con

Let us unite, fellow nerds, cuz there ain't no party like a CraveOnline party!

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

It's Comic-Con season, and the festivities are already underway in beautiful San Diego.  Superheroes walk the halls, and girls make the attempt to show up wearing the sexy version of… well everything.  Of course there's always the chance to catch one of your favorite stars, whether they be the movie star, the book artist, or an iconic writer.

But let us not forget, that one of the best parts of Comic-Con, are the parties.  This year, we at CraveOnline have pulled out all the stops.  Yes, we have teamed up with none other than ICM, and a gaggle of other guys, to bring Comic-Con the best party of the year!  It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but hey, if you aren't interested in hanging out with Samuel L. Jackson and Megan Fox, that sounds more like your problem and not ours.

Oh and there are too many names to list here, but I'll go ahead and throw out Michael Caine, John Cena and Jesse Eisenberg just to name a few.

The Superpowered Social is goin' down in EMBARCADERO MARINA PARK SOUTH, directly behind the SD Convention Center, from 2pm to 5pm on Friday, July 22nd.

Now unfortunately I do have to share some bad news…  This is of course a private party.  We can't have all the crazies walkin' up in the party causing problems can we?  But there's no reason why you can't come stop by and test your luck at running into one of the stars on their way in and out of the party! 

On top of that, you can always check back in here at CraveOnline to see how the party turned out.  We can assure you, it will be worth finding out.

So to the people at Comic-Con, and those of you that wish you were here, fantasize for now about partying with CraveOnline, and maybe next time you can sneak your name on the list.  Don't forget, there's always next year.

Alright, back to the fun.  I think I just saw a sexy female version of the Hulk.  Weird I know, but I have to admit I kind of liked it.  I'll see you guys later, I gotta track her down.