Kevin McDonald Is Back On TV

Comedian's short entitled "Papillon" is just four minutes long.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

It only takes "The Kids in the Hall" alum Kevin McDonald four minutes to get viewers laughing – at least that's what he's hoping with his new web series short "Papillon."

What was originally planned to be a half-hour show was cut down to just four minutes – "Papillon" looks at the lives of several discount airline employees who hail from Windsor, Ontario. McDonald will star as Darius, one of the co-pilots, and other members of the funny cast include David Fraser ("Breakout Kings" and the documentary series "Mayday"), Randal Edwards ("The Best Years") and Hannah Cheesman ("Flashpoint"). It is created by late author, musician, filmmaker, and playwright Paul Quarrington.

"It's to me something so new that I have no idea what it's going to be like," McDonald said to The Canadian Press of the programming experiment. "I'm going to pretend when I'm watching that it's like a short before a movie that they used to show when I was a kid, the cartoon before the movie. Sometimes I would leave the theatre and I and my friends would say, 'The cartoon was better than the movie!"'

Kevin McDonald was a regular on the popular comedy series "The Kids in the Hall" for seven years and made slews of guest appearances on "That '70s Show," "Invader ZIM," "Lilo & Stitch: The Series," "WordGirl," and this year's "Fish Hooks." He's also writing a comedy series pilot called "Homeland Insecurity." He has been nominated for a number of Emmy Awards as well.

Production on "Papillon" started back in January. Thirty-minute episodes of the web series will air on BiteTV starting in August.


Photo Credit: WENN